About Us

Since I was a little girl I had one love: makeup!! Still to this day cosmetics are an important part of my life. Of course a lot have changed since I was a little girl until now. Nowadays the beauty market is huge, there are so many options to choose from, there are offered so many products and in the end we do not know what to buy. This is how I came up with the idea of Choices by Alessa. My own online skincare and makeup store. There is not a better way to combine my profession with my love for the beauty world so that I make a dream come true .A store needs a lot of work, commitment and love, fortunately I am not alone in this. My partner in life and our families help us reach our goals in many ways.

01. Our philosophy

What we want to make Choices by Alessa special is our decision to offer you something different. We insisted so that all our products to be cruelty-free, because we believe that is time to stop mishandle the animals! So we did our research and we offer you only cruelty-free chooses. Of-course we do not stop there. We want to offer you the best and we carefully selected all the products to have as natural ingredients as possible. This is how we managed to have a lot organic and bio options as well as some vegan formulas.

02. The brands we choose

In our store you will find many different brands that standout based on their quality! You will see it too with your first try! From their luxurious ingredients, their beautiful packaging to their true performance that you feel when you try them.

Our goal

Our goal is not other than you being happy from products we offer. Our priority is for you to have a pleasant experience shopping in our store every time you choose us! Your opinion is very important for us. We want you to contact us and tell us your opinion so that we can improve our store, products and selection based on your recommendations!

Contact Info

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    1000  Sofia,
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Mon - Fri: 9AM - 18PM